M. Sendak

"My books are really books that are impressed and in love with the memory of comics and how important they were to me as a child… I didn’t live near any famous person, I didn’t see Michelangelo go to work in the morning. I just lived in Brooklyn, where everything was ordinary — and yet, enticing and exciting and bewildering. The magic of childhood, the strangeness of childhood, the uniqueness that makes us see things that other people don’t see…”

micro documental realizado por el TATE Modern

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  1. Hola, concisas y precisas letras desnudan implacablemente la germinal pueraza de este blog, si te va la palabra encadenada, la poesía, te espero en el mio,será un placer,es,
    gracias, pasa buen día, besos reales..